Did you know that The Sneaker Rack does promotions?
Well, WE DO! The Sneaker Rack does promotions relating to sneakers and streetwear. This can be anything from shoelace companies, clothing brands, jewelry companies and more!
Our Promotions are done through our social media platforms. We are on:
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, WeKinFolk, and Clubhouse
On our platforms we will:
Make videos, reels, tiktoks, and post pictures
These will be formatted on each platform appropriately 
Facts about us:
We have 6.6k followers on Instagram and are growing everyday
We get over 300 likes per picture posted on Instagram
We get around 2k views per Instagram reel
We have 2.5k subscribers on YouTube
We get over 1.5k views per YouTube video
For inquiries:
Contact us via email: